Anatoliy Stone® Limited Warranty

Your purchase and continued enjoyment of Anatoliy Stone products is as important to us as it is to you. We stand behind your purchase and our products by offering a 50-year limited warranty from the date of sale.

Limited Warranty Terms and Conditions

1. Warranty is limited to the original purchaser and may not be transferred.

2. The warranty stands when used on structures that conform to local codes and when installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

3. Defects and Damage:

a. The warranty guarantees the products will not peel, blister, crack excessively, or flake due to manufacturing defects.

b. Anatoliy Stone products are designed and manufactured to mimic natural stone. The surfaces may contain random characteristics such as small pock marks or air holes and other anomalies. These are a part of the texture and purposeful character of the products and are not considered defects of manufacturing.

c. Climate considerations must be taken, such as exposure to sunlight and extreme weather which may change the look of your Anatoliy Stone product over time. Though designed not to change in color, natural weathering is to be expected of any product on the market. Surfaces may “chalk,” fade, or accumulate stains and dirt residue and is not considered defects of manufacturing.

d. Warranty does not cover personal injury or product damage, discoloration, cracks, or deterioration as a result of, but not limited to, weather or other natural phenomenon, fire, animals, pests, use of pressure washer to clean, renovation or remodeling damage, chemical fumes or foreign substances in the air, use of acids or harsh chemicals to clean (including vinegar), contact with de-icing salts, contact with airborne contaminants, contact with paint or other chemicals, staining or oxidation, vandalism, misuse, physical abuse, or other human acts, accumulation of water or other moisture intrusion, mold, removing and re-installing the product, any alterations or repairs made to the structure/building that affect any component of the wall assembly of which Anatoliy stones are a part of, projectiles, product mishandling.

e. Warranty does not cover damage resulting from building settlement, improper installation, or wall movement.

f. Anatoliy Stone has no liability or responsibilities to replace products or structure damaged by water intrusion or vapor transmission. Our product is not waterproof and every effort should be made to install with quality materials and planning. Our products should not be installed in areas that cause them to be repeatedly or continuously wet. Some of these areas are, but are not limited to, pools or spas, in the path of sprinklers or irrigation, or other similar water devices.

g. We are not liable for components, performance of, construction of, or products not manufactured by Anatoliy. This includes, but is not limited to, windows and doors, backing, weather or water-resistive barriers, roofing, copings, flashings, sheathing and framing, sealants, lath, mortar, grout.

4. Anatoliy Stone is not liable for structure design and engineering flaws, aesthetics of installed products, or workmanship.

5. Warranty is limited to repair or replacement of defective materials only and does not cover labor to remove and replace, or shipping of new materials.

a. If an Anatoliy Stone product is found to have defects covered by this warranty, the warranty does not also include replacement of products not also manufactured by Anatoliy Stone. This includes, but is not limited to, exterior walls and wall envelopes, backings and barriers, and other products used for installation.

b. After investigation, if an Anatoliy Stone product is found to have defects covered by this warranty, Anatoliy Stone will decide to either:
(i.) pay a reasonable cost for repair of the defective product
(ii.) replace or pay to replace the defective product with the same product or a product of similar design
(iii.) refund the cost of the defective product

6. Obligations of this warranty will begin once the buyer/owner of the defective Anatoliy product notifies Anatoliy Stone by writing within 60-days of notice of the suspected defect(s).

a. Anatoliy Stone will address this written notification in a reasonable amount of time.

b. Anatoliy Stone shall be given access to the building site, photographs, and samples of the suspected defective product to test and examine.

c. The property owner agrees to make timely, temporary repairs to the building/structure to prevent any further or future damage while Anatoliy Stone determines the cause of the defect, the truth of the defect, and decides on a course of action, should they need to, to remedy with replacement or to give repair recommendations.

7. Anatoliy Stone is not liable for ANY punitive damages to any party. This includes, but is not limited to, insurance fees and co-pays, damages to any property or contents, loss of life or personal injury, punitive damages awarded by the court, court fees, attorney’s fees, punitive damages settled on privately, loss of profits, loss of work, etc.

8. This warranty is in its entirety and final. Oral or written statements made by sellers, distributors, dealers, employees, agents, or others are not authorized as part of the warranty. Changes, modifications, or promises that alter this warranty as it is written above are not valid.