Anatoliy Stone® Materials Required


Type N premixed mortar. Mix ratio of one Portland and one hydrated lime to 4 ½ to 6 aggregates. or 1 part Type N to 2 ¼ to 3 parts aggregates.

Weather Resistant Barrier

Depending on local building code requirements, barrier should be water proof building paper or Asphalt saturated rag felt or ASTM D226, Type 1, No.15 felt. NOTE. Weather-resistant barrier must be used on all exterior and interior mortar applications except for those over masonry, concrete or stucco.

Metal Lath

Minimum 2.5lb expanded metal lath(diamond mesh), galvanized. For metal buildings and open stud construction-minimum 3.4lb, 3/8” rib expanded metal lath. Or other code accepted mesh or lath.


Galvanized nails, staples, concrete nails. 1 ¼” Pancake Head screws (used for Installation on metal surfaces).

Masonry Sealers

Silane based breathable type sealer (if required).