Anatoliy Stone® Installation Preparation

Over Concrete/Masonry or Stucco(poured-in-place, CMU, & other masonry surfaces).
Examine masonry surface to determine if it has been painted, sealed and and/or waterproofed, or stucco coated. If surface has been painted, sealed, waterproofed, or stucco coated then one of the following steps will be necessary. Pressure wash the entire coated surface and secure expanded metal lath(2.5lb. Minimum). Use concrete nails to attach lath, penetrating the substrate by 1 inch at 4 inches on center. Sand blast the entire coated surface.(Remove all sand blast dust by washing thoroughly). If newly poured concrete contains release agents(form oil), etch surface with muriatic acid and rinse thoroughly with a pressure washer. If concrete/masonry surface is clean and untreated, then no preparation or weather resistant barrier is needed.

Over Wood Framing(paneling, plywood, wallboard, wall sheathing, or concrete board), rigid back wall. 
Cover the sheathing with weather resistant barrier(waterproof building paper or asphalt saturated rag felt). Lap joints in 4-inch shingle type fashion. In accordance with local building code, install galvanized expanded metal lath using galvanized nails or staples 6 inch on center horizontally penetrating studs a minimum of 1 inch. Metal lath and weather resistant barrier should be wrapped continuously around all inside and outside corners a minimum of 16 inches.

Over Metal Studs. 
Apply 3/8-inch rib expanded metal lath to metal cladding supports of 20 gauge to 12 gauge using 1 ¼ -inch Pancake Head self-tapping screws. Screws must penetrate 3/8-inch beyond inside face of metal surface. Screws must be installed on center equal to 1 screw per square foot and not exceed 6 inch on center in one direction. Before installing Anatoliy Stone® products, apply ½ inch scratch coat and allow drying for 48 hours.