Specifications & Other Product Information

Technical Info / Product Test Results

Anatoliy Stone® products are engineered to meet or exceed the specifications set by building code officials.

Absorption Percentage Average = 15%

Compressive Strength Average = 5500 psi

Unit weight 7 ½ – 12lbs/sq.ft depending on the style and texture.

Thickness of stone is an average of 1.75inch. Thick.

Colorfast –  Colors become integral with the stone during casting. Existing stone will not show no undesirable change after years of weathering. Our stone is Durable, Colorfast, Maintenance Free and is covered by a 50-year Limited Warranty.


Square foot coverages are based on 1/2” mortar joints. Colors of stones are as close to the actual stone color as possible through modern photography and printing methods. Variations of colors may be expected. It is recommended you view the actual product samples.


  • Just as natural stone will vary in color, Anatoliy Stone will reflect some variation in color.
  • Actual stone color may vary from brochure. It may also vary from existing structures.
  • Anatoliy Stone recommends grouting on all exterior applications, in harsh weather climates.
  • Stone veneer is not intended and will not hold up to foot traffic.
  • Like any other concrete product, under certain weather temperatures and conditions, stone may have signs of efflorescence.
  • Anatoliy Stone is not responsible for discoloration due to run – off from adjacent building materials.