Anatoliy Stone® Color Description

Anatoliy Stone products are durable, maintenance-free, and colorfast. Developed in our independent laboratory, the colors are so integrated into the product that they resist undesirable change after years of weathering. You won’t regret choosing our manufactured stone products as a lighter-weight, affordable, durable alternative to the timeless and desired look of natural stone.

Hand-painted by true artisans in the industry with high-quality materials, every Anatoliy Stone product is purposefully transformed into an authentic looking piece of stone or brick with major depth and character. Mix and match texture and design styles with colors that are rich and Earthy; even decadent. As you draw your eyes across each stone, hues and hints of mother nature peek out from each textured characteristic. You’ll see variations of charming and rustic browns, contemporary and cool grays, greens like lush moss and tree canopies, flecks and veins of golden umbers and champagne, and gorgeous rusty reds infused throughout our luscious color palette.

Your design choices are infinite when you begin to look at our inventory of natural-like stone styles and colors. Used extensively for both commercial and residential design by homeowners, builders, and interior design professionals alike, you’ll find an Anatoliy Stone color that’s just right for your business or home’s interior or exterior design needs. Our quality products and the variety of complimentary accessories are attractive anywhere you put them on floors, walls, entryways, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, exteriors and more.

There are so many choices of stone and colors, you can’t leave our website or our Pendleton, SC showroom without finding the perfect one. We also have custom colors available by request and can custom color match your Anatoliy Stone choice to most anything inside or outside your home or business.

Manufactured stone by Anatoliy are easy, beautiful, versatile, affordable, classic, durable, and timeless. We’re so proud of our diversity in color and style choices, and we know you’ll be proud to have them in your home or business too.

See our gallery for ideas such as mixing our Southeastern Ledgestone’s Hazelnut with the Hazelnut offered in our Tuscan Villa collection on the exterior of your home. Simply rich and gorgeous results!