Anatoliy Stone® Installation Instructions

Installation Layers

(1) Sheathing, (2) Weather-resistant barrier, (3) Galvanized metal lath, (4) mortar, scratch coat, (5) Anatoliy Stone veneer, (6) mortar joint.

Building Code requirements may vary from region to region. To know your requirements in your region check with your local Building Code authorities. Before installing your Anatoliy Stone® products carefully read all Installation Instructions. Anantoliy Stone® products are covered by a 50-Year Limited Warranty when installed in accordance with the Manufacturer’s Installation Instructions.

Estimating the required amount of stone.
To determine the amount of Anatoliy Stone® products needed, Measure the length times the height to obtain the square footage of flat stone needed. Measure the linear feet of outside corners to determine the amount of corners needed. One linear foot of corner pieces covers approximately half of a square foot of flat area. Subtract the flat area covered by the linear feet of corner pieces from the square footage of flat stone required. You may need to obtain some extra stone to allow for cutting and trimming.