With Anatoliy’s Flagstone collection, you can dress up your home or business interior or exterior with this flat stone that can be used for both flooring and façade. It’s a popular stone profile for professional consumers and homeowners that is comfortable and casual, yet still sophisticated.

Flagstone is well-recognized by anyone alive today, in or outside of the home decor, renovation, architectural, and building industries. It’s a true chameleon of a stone in that it fits seamlessly in so many residential and commercial projects, both indoors and outdoors. Here’s where form and beauty truly meets function. Our Anatoliy Flagstone collection offers you exceptional stonework choices for both rural and more urban areas alike, and its lightweight veneer profile makes installation a snap.

Flagstone is also known as patio rock as it’s often used in the garden or patio area. But open yourself up to the possibilities of it in the mud room just inside the door, the kitchen or bathroom floor, walkways, building exteriors, to dress up your Code appropriate retaining walls, make flagstone steps, outdoor rock seating, fire pit surrounds, and more.

You can use several of our flagstone profiles in one area outdoors to contrast with each other for beautiful design cohesion and detail. Likewise, you can use one on the exterior, one in the breezeway, one in the kitchen, and another in the bathroom, offering differences in decor, but a synergy throughout your home or business.

Flagstone comes in many varieties, including the more exotic with higher price points, so you’re forced to research local quarries and are more limited to what you can buy and have shipped. You may have to visit the rock yard to hand-pick your favorite stones which is heavy work. That is, if they allow you to do this at all, as most prefer you just take your chances with the pallets of rock they ship to you.

To remedy this, Anatoliy Stone searched for just the right flagstone on the market so you don’t have to, and then manufactured a lighter-weight flagstone veneer that fits your project budget. You can walk away with an immediate increase in home value and eye-catching design, yet have an easier, more cost-effective purchase, delivery, and installation. Samples offered by request.

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