Anatoliy Stone Products brings you the quintessential European Castle rock profile, as often showcased around the world in the manufactured stone veneer industry. This stone is charming, elegant, and yet very practical. Castle rock is an evergreen design enhancement and an eye-pleaser for those who love natural stone but prefer a bit more unity and formal presentation. It’s a precision cut stone, laid out in a quilt-like pattern for a sophisticated, European elegance that’s undeniable and timeless.

Often chosen by those who prefer a more precise, groutless appearance, its ease of installation is just one of the many benefits of being a grout-free and lightweight stone veneer. The price is yet another benefit in that you save money for other project needs by choosing a veneer for your stonework. You’ll never regret your investment in our European Castle collection, and we invest in you in return with a 50-year Limited Warranty.

Each stone used in our European Castle profile was initially hand-selected and cut from thousands of stones to find just the right look, texture, and sizes. Then a mold was produced and the veneer was cast and manufactured with perfection. Our years of experience and dedication to bringing you the finest products in the architectural rock veneer industry shines through.

While it’s absolute perfection on the exterior of both residential and commercial locations, it’s what dreams are made of when used to accent the interior as well. This stone seems to have been made for kitchen accent walls, and spas. You’ll love the results and the natural, organic beauty it brings to your home or business, wherever you decide to install European Castle rock.

Choose from our more contemporary Nature Blend of cooler grays and blues, or the more traditional Chardonnay with a warmer infused palette of golden stones. Perfect for other decor styles too, especially when used in a Transitional kitchen, combining old and new together for the perfect interior design harmony and synergy. Samples offered by request.

Check out our gallery for some of the most incredible photos of European Castle used to enhance a gorgeous kitchen design and more.