River Rock is in a class all its own. While all stonework is considered a more organic look, stream rock and river rock profiles add an even more quaint story of natural stone that’s been tumbled in river beds or at the bottom of rolling streams for decades, or even centuries. It’s a truly sweet and comfortable organic style with its deeply rounded stone and smooth, water-worn surface features. River rock is a natural stone that’s timeless, nostalgic, and considered to be one of the first rock profiles ever used for ornamentation.

Both commercial and residential projects shine when using Anatoliy Stone River Rock manufactured veneer for the right interior and exterior designs. This rock is simply gorgeous around cottages and both indoor and outdoor fireplaces, edging, stone accents, and front facings. Use our simple color selection to adorn an entire feature wall, or just as an accent.

Install in the cottagy kitchen of your dreams, or outside on your porch or columns. Commercial venues holding outdoor events or dining on patios love our River Rock. It’s also very popular among commercial spas, or at home in your own bathroom, giving you a spa-like experience. Bring the outdoors inside, or the spa outside to an outdoor living area, your choice! You can literally add to the beauty of not only your own living space, but the nature around it, blending the indoors and outdoors together in harmony.

We dedicated our company to finding just the right quarried river rock that captured the essence of its characteristic shapes, colors, nuances, and textures used in our molds to pre-cast a unique stone veneer that is the exceptional Anatoliy Stone River Rock collection. It’s a true architectural element you want showcased on a grand scale! Anatoliy Stone also makes installation easy with its lightweight River Rock veneers and its affordability as compared to real, natural river rock or stream rock.

River rock is a great design feature for homes and businesses in both very cold winter areas with snow, and very warm, sunny areas alike. Mix and match your indoor or outdoor stone features with other rock profiles in our collection for contrast and high-style. Your design options are endless and stone samples are available by request. See our gallery for more residential and commercial design ideas.