Traced back to the Old World, rubble designs like fieldstone in masonry used skillfully handcrafted chiseled blocks of limestone to build castles, villas and other ancient, majestic structures that still stand in Europe. It continues to be a sought-after stonework trend for today when the buyer is looking to compliment a very natural environment outside or to enhance a sterile environment by bringing nature indoors.

Our quintessential Dressy Fieldstone collection by Anatoliy Stone Products carries a relaxed, elegant charm with its mixed variety of earth tones and irregular, rubble-shaped stones and pattern. Offering a more quaint but rugged look to enhance their designs, its quite popular among builders, architects, interior designers, and homeowners alike.

When designing our Dressy Fieldstone profile, we searched for the best fieldstone available to replicate and cast a unique, one-of-a-kind stone veneer that, when delivered to your door, convinces you that you’ve chosen just the right company to serve you. Each rock selected was unique in shape and size, nothing cut to fit. We put together a range of beautiful stones in a seemingly random pattern, yet every inch of rock and setting for the pattern was well-planned out. This gorgeous stonework pattern gives your home or business an awesome, stand-out look you’ll be proud of.

The more relaxed and unique texture and patterns of naturally rough-hewn fieldstone is showcased in this profile of manufactured stone veneer. It features real-stone colors and rubble-shaped stone textures with the natural stone surface characteristics you’re craving. Add to that Anatoliy’s broad fieldstone color palette from infused grays to oranges, browns to reds, and you’ll find just the right one. Likewise, you’ll love that the lightweight profile of our veneers offers you an easier installation process.

Our incredible fieldstone veneers give you solid options for every commercial or residential application on a very reasonable budget and our vast experience and dedicated workmanship shine through. You’ll be proud of your investment in us and we invest in you in return with a 50-year Limited Warranty.

Check out our gallery where some builders and dreamers have mix and matched colors and rock profiles with amazing results. Samples offered by request.