Before & After

We’re proud to showcase some of our customer’s before and after project pictures to inspire your design dreams and show you that buying Anatoliy Stone is indeed a wise investment. Please see our Residential Applications and Commercial Applications pages for more ideas.


There’s no denying how beautiful Anatoliy Stone products are for your home, inside and out, and your commercial real estate stands out to renters, buyers, and customers alike when you invest in us. But the return on investment is one of the most exciting parts of using our stone as well.


Our products add a major “desirability” effect to a home, which means it may sell faster or slightly above market, as well as increase the actual value of your home or property. Anatoliy Stone Products gives your property a more polished, finished look that all home buyers, business owners, communities, and neighbors desire.


We make increasing the property value and resale values of your home easier and more cost effective with Anatoliy Stone veneers.


Because our superbly manufactured stone veneers are so versatile and can be fitted to most any surface, interior or exterior, your project can be any size. And we promise, even the smallest project will increase your home or property value — and your happiness! They’re also more affordable than real stone and the lightweight profile makes them a snap to install as compared to their natural stone counterparts.


Likewise, as far as upgrades go, adding stone walls, columns, siding or interior projects are EASY compared to other home or business renovations, yet make a marked difference visually and in property values.


What’s more, proper installation of Anatoliy Stone on your exterior helps protect it from the elements and moisture, not only adding value but adding peace of mind too. Check out our 50-Year Limited Warranty while you’re at it.


Imagine a stress-free, affordable, quick renovation project with a huge ROI.