Where can I buy Anatoliy Stone?

We are expanding our distribution, but in the meantime, you can view our available products here online, or in our showroom.

Do Anatoliy Stone products meet building code requirements?

We comply with all applicable building code requirements, but check with your local codes to be sure you’re educated.

How do I clean Anatoliy Stone?

Use a soft bristled brush with plain water, or a mild detergent if needed, rinsing thoroughly. Never use wire brushes, paint remover, acid cleaners (including vinegar), bleach, power washers, or any other type of concrete cleaner.


What if it’s cold when we install Anatoliy Stone?

Ambient temperature should be 40ºF or higher at the time of install. Frozen mortar can result from anything under 40ºF, so if you have a cold weather question or install deadline, contact us for recommendations.


Can I install Anatoliy Stone as a fireplace surround?

Yes. Our veneer should be a minimum of 18″ from open flames. Contact us with questions before install.


What if I have more unanswered questions?

We’re happy to help! Stop by our showroom if you’re local, or visit our Contact page.