What is Anatoliy Stone?
Anatoliy Stone® has successfully redesigned natural stone since 2004. Anatoliy Stone products are designed and manufactured to mimic natural stone texture and visual appeal, yet offer more versatility in application, ease of installation, availability for more designers, and brought to the market affordably. Learn more about our stone. [Link to stone description]

What are the differences and benefits of using manufactured stone veneer vs. natural stone?
Anatoliy Stone products mimic natural stone texture and visual appeal, yet offer more versatility, availability, and affordability. Installation is easier due to its light weight and the ability to apply Anatoliy products directly to most surfaces. You save time and money by eliminating the need for wall ties or footings, and windows don’t need to be reset to accommodate the thickness of the stone veneer. Additionally, colors can be custom color-matched to meet your needs. Visit our stone desription page [Link to stone description], color description page, [Link to color description] and texture description page [Link to texture description] for more information.

What is manufactured stone veneer made of?
Our veneers are made out of concrete, colored through the body to look organic, and molded from real, natural stones we hand-selected, using top of the line, innovative mold technology. Read more about our manufactured stone veneer products here, [Link to stone description] about their colors, [Link to color description] and their textures here. [Link to texture description]

What is the difference in the cost of natural stone vs. that of Anatoliy Stone?
There is a significant price advantage over natural stone when choosing Anatoliy Stone. It’s easier to install and lightweight so there are additional savings on shipping and the use of footers or wall ties. The quicker install also saves money on the cost of labor.

Will Anatoliy stone fade over time?
Anatoliy Stone products are durable and colorfast. [Link to stone color page] Developed in our independent laboratory, the colors are so integrated into the cement mixture before casting each stone product that they resist undesirable change after years of weathering.

Are the stone colors online and in your brochures accurate?
We try to be as accurate as possible, but seeing a sample in person is the only sure-fire way to know.

Will my stone be the same color as the sample?
Yes. Depending on some factors like moisture and sunlight, it may be a bit darker when it first arrives, but the samples are accurate.

Does the color of Anatoliy Stone change?
While the base color is blended through the cement mix and does not change, just like any natural stone, all colors of our veneers may look darker in damp or shady conditions, and lighter in sunny, dry conditions. Be sure to get a sample and consider which conditions your stone will be in the most before choosing.

Can Anatoliy Stone be used for exterior applications?
Anatoliy Stone is perfect for both interior and exterior installations in both commercial and residential properties, as well as in landscaping. Check out our website for creative ideas, especially our Before & After Gallery. [Link to Gallery]

Can Anatoliy Stone be used around swimming pools?
Our stone veneers are not recommended for use near or under water. Our products should not be in constant contact with harsh chemicals like chlorine. However, using our veneers on your outdoor or pool patio area as decorative surrounds that are not in constant contact with water is a beautiful alternative.

Can Anatoliy Stone be used on walkways or patios?
Only our flagstone product is currently suitable for foot traffic. All other stone veneers should only be used as decorative surrounds in and around your outdoor patio and garden areas.

What if I have more unanswered questions?
We’re happy to help! Stop by our showroom if you’re local, or visit our Contact page. [Link to Contact Page]